Popcorn is the most popular snack food in North America, and with a history which dates back to the Wild Frontier, it’s easy to see why Kettle Korn is such a fan favourite. Many stories suggest that Midwest farmers and cowboys tossed rendered fat into a large pot, adding molasses or honey and seasoning to create this sweet treat.

Well times have changed, and so has our recipe; with less calories per cup than caramel or buttered popcorn, our timeless recipe produces the biggest, roundest, crispiest, lightest and tastiest Kettle Korn around.

Let’s Compare Calories:

Kettle Korn contains approximately 57 calories per cup.
Plain unbuttered popcorn contains approximately 40 calories per cup.
Lightly buttered popcorn contains approximately 133 calories per cup.
Caramel Corn contains approximately 180 calories per cup.


Kettle Korn is Cholesterol free!

Kettle Korn contains no artificial additives or preservatives!

Weight Watchers lists 1cup of Kettle Korn to equal 1 Weight Watchers Point

Other Nutritional Information:

2.1 g of fat

8.5 g of energy producing carbohydrates

1.2 g of fiber

0.9 g of protein

0.3 g of sodium


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